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About C&C Counselling and our professional staff

By choosing C&C Counselling’s caring team of professionals for individual, couples and family counselling, you gain an important partner in your personal health and wellness. We work closely with you to help assess your specific needs, advise you of options available, and provide the interventions and therapy of your choice.

Cheryl Grant MSW, RSW

Specialties: Play Therapy, Modified Reiki Therapy and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Cheryl Grant, MSW, RSW

With a decade of experience in child-protection work, along with a year as a school social worker, and a year as a social worker in a hospital setting, Cheryl Grant offers sensitive, skilled, seasoned advice as counsellor in a private practice setting. She also has a personal interest in exploring issues related to spirituality.

Working directly with people who have struggled with trauma and distress has taught her valuable lessons that she applies in her work every day. “People are remarkably resilient in coping,” says Cheryl. “But we heal faster and grow stronger when we get good guidance. That’s why I value a holistic approach to working with an individual, couple or family. I believe we all carry within us the strength and skills to overcome adversity and learn from our mistakes.”

Cheryl points to the benefits of adopting a strengths-based approach to solving problems, including Play Therapy and Modified Reiki Therapy. “Strengths bring out that resiliency in people that helps them rediscover what they can achieve. This approach, combined with client-centred, existential, attachment, and cognitive-behavioural therapies can make a lasting difference. This includes greater self-awareness, a deeper sense of meaning, and the ability to solve problems more naturally and effectively so people can achieve their personal and professional goals.”